2022 exhibition schedule

The schedule is released in two halves, January - July and July - December. This scheduling is subject to change. 

June - December 2022

25th of May to 1st of June - Stella Cardew 

1st of June to 15th of June - Rosie Campbell 

15th of June to 22nd of June - Tom Norman and Lehni Lamide Davies

22nd of June to 5th of July - Zoe Webster

5th of July to 19th of July - Alistair Wilson 

19th of July to 27th of July - TBA

27th of July to 10th of August - Laura Hepworth 

10th of August to 24th of August - TBA

24th of August to 31st of August - TBA

31st of August to 14th of September - Rob MacGillivray

14th of September to 28th of September - The Grange Lane and Dulwich Wood Group

28th of September to 12th of October - Julia Burnett

12th of October to 26th of October - Rowena Ardern 

26th of October to 9th of November - TBA

9th of November to 23rd of November - Edori Fertig 

23rd of November to 7th of December - Paul Bonomini