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2023 exhibition schedule

The schedule is released in two halves, January - July and July - December. This scheduling is subject to change. 

July - December 2023

19th of July to 2nd of August - Charlotte Kitteridge (digital drawings) 

22nd of July only - Rebecca Thorne (jewellery) 

2nd of August to 16th of August - Naomi James

16th of August to 30th of August - Laura Hepworth 

30th of August to 13th of September - Kelly Washbourne (original oil paintings) 

13th of September to 27th of September - Rob MacGillivray 

27th of September to 11th of October - Julien Carcarno 

11th of October to 25th of October - Michelle Barharier 

25th of October to 8th of November - Ania Pieniazek 

8th of November to 22nd of November - Louise Ward 

22nd of November to 6th of December - Jessica Blandford

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