2022 exhibition schedule

The schedule is released in two halves, January - July and July - December. This scheduling is subject to change. 

December 2021 - June 2022

3rd of November to 17th of November - Noel Clegg 

17th of November to 1st of December - D'Artagnan - Paul Bonomini, Alexandra Harley, Terry Jones, and Steve Hodgson (Work in Bronze) 

1st of December to 21st of December - Mara Sculpture

23rd and 24th of December - Last Minute Christmas Presents Sale! 

5th of January to the 18th of January 2022 - Tom Bailey (extended to 2nd of February)

2nd of February to 15th of February - Charlotte Malik 


15th of February to 2nd of March - Katy English 


2nd of March to 15th of March - Misa Gott


15th of March to 29th of March - Louise Ward 


30th of March to 13th of April - Grange Lane Group 


13th of April to 27th of April -  Clemmie Swift 

27th of April to 18th of May - Gabrielle Bradshaw 

18th of May to 25th of May - Mike Unsworth 

25th of May to 1st of June - Stella Cardew 

1st of June to 15th of June - Rosie Campbell