2021 exhibition schedule

1st to 15th January – Klaus Zimmerman and Scalleywags 


15th January to 17th February – David Hopkins 


17th February to 3rd March – Stephanie Newell-Price

3rd March to 17th of March – Misa Gott

17th March to 31st March – Louise Ward


31st March to 7th April – Pascal Ungerer (To be confirmed)

7th April to 14th April – Lehni Lamide-Davies and Tom Norman 


14th April to 28th April – Clemmie Swift


28th April - 12th May – Gabrielle Bradshaw 


12th Mary to 19th May  – Sydney Checkland 


19th May to 2nd June – Sally Kelly 


2nd June to 9th June – Chris Oliver 


9th June to 23rd June  – Stella Cardew


23rd June to 7th July – Zoe Webster