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2024 exhibition schedule

The schedule is released in two halves, January - July and July - December. This scheduling is subject to change. 


April 2024 -  November 2024

27th of March to 10th of April - Jorge Sanchez 

10th of April to 24th of April - Maria Rado & Elizabeth Knapp

24th of April to 22nd of May - Gabrielle Bradshaw


Dulwich Open House weekends 4th & 5th of May and 11th and 12th of May 


8th of May to 22nd of May - Gabrielle Bradshaw & Kath Dare


22nd of May to 5th of June - Sally Kelly 


5th of June to 19th of June - Brad Kenny


19th of June to 3rd of July - Zoe Webster 


3rd of July to 17th of July - Stella Cardew 


17th of July to 31st of July - Sanae Saragai (Carousel Collective Artists) 


31st of July to 14th of August - Peter Morris 


14th of August to 28th of August - David Hopkins and Riaz Sanation 


28th of August to 4th of September - Joseph Peacock 


4th of September to 11th of September - Carol Justin 


11th of September to 25th of September - Rob MacGillivray 


25th of September to 9th of October - John Kelly 


9th of October to 23rd October - Adrian Whittle 


23rd of October to 6th of November - Charlotte Kitteridge  

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