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2023 exhibition schedule

The schedule is released in two halves, January - July and July - December. This scheduling is subject to change. 

December 2023 - April 2024 

22nd of November to 6th of December - Jessica Blandford & Marina Beard

6th of December to 20th of December - Christmas Mixed Show: Arts, Crafts and Antiques 

20th of December to 7th of January - 'Mountain Magic'  Alice Luetchford 

10th of January to 17th of January - David Hopkins and Riaz Sanation 

17th of January to 31st of January - Lana Eileen 

31st of January to 14th of February - Seth Randall-Goddard


14th of February to 28th of February - 'Nature's Pallette Collage' Michelle Watson, Moksha Arts


28th of February to 13th of March - Charlotte Malik 


13th of March to 27th of March - Fran Giffard 

27th of March to 10th of April - Jorge Sanchez 

10th of April to 24th of April - Maria Rado 

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