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2023 exhibition schedule

The schedule is released in two halves, January - July and July - December. This scheduling is subject to change. 

January - July 2023

4th of January to 18th of January - Tom Martin Conway

18th of January to 1st of February - Anna Lando 

2nd of February to 7th of February - Eve Milner 

8th of February to 15th of February - Adam Lucy

15th of February to 1st of March - David Hopkins & Riaz Sanation

1st of March to 15th of March - Graeme Chisholm, Sarah Wienberg, and Rakel Wienberg

15th of March to 29th of March - Misa Gott

29th of March to 12th of April - Stephanie Newell-Price 

12th of April to 26th of April - Adrian Whittle 

26th of April to 10th of May - Gabrielle Bradshaw 

10th of May to 31st of May - Gabrielle Bradshaw & Kath Dare

31st of May to 7th of June - Stella Cardew 

7th of June to 21st of June - Clemmie Swift 

21st of June to 5th of July - Sally Kelly 

5th of July to 19th of July - Alistair Wilson 

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