Booking the gallery

This page provides an overview of renting our gallery space, and the terms and conditions.

If you are interested in booking the gallery, the first step after reading the below is to email us at  Please include your contact details and a sample of your work (or a link to your site).

Booking the exhibition space

  • You can book the jeannieavent gallery for two-week slots, which run from Wednesdays to Wednesdays. One-week slots can occasionally be accommodated.
  • The gallery fee is £300 for two week,. (£330 from 2018).  This covers heating, lighting, card payment facilities etc. This is comprised of:
  1. A non-refundable deposit of £100, due two months prior to the exhibition.
  2. The remaining £200, payable in full on or before the first day of the exhibition.


  • Our commission on total sales is 25%. This is payable at the conclusion of the exhibition.
  • The majority of sales are card transactions, with the money paid into the jeannieavent gallery account.
  • At the end of the exhibition, after the commission has been calculated and deducted, artists will be paid the balance by cheque from the jeannieavent account.

Your Exhibition 

  • Your booking will begin at 12 noon on Wednesday – this is to allow you to hang the exhibition in time for a private view on the first Thursday or Friday if you choose.
  • We will issue you with a key to the front door, and you can choose opening times that suit you – for example, artists with commitments during the week sometimes only open at the weekends.
  • You should display your chosen opening times clearly on the front door.
  • You are free to hang your exhibition as you wish (see terms below). Artists make good on arrival, and can leave the gallery as it is for the next artist.
  • You must vacate the gallery before noon on the last Wednesday.

Private Views   

  • Private views held in the evening should conclude by 9.30pm. Any music or live performances should conclude by 8.30.
  • The jeannieavent gallery is in a residential location and we request that artists are sensitive regarding noise levels.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions for renting the gallery are set out below. Payment of the £100 deposit is your acceptance of these terms.  

The artist is responsible for the following:

  • making good the hanging space on arrival. Paint and filler is provided
  • securing their work to the walls with adequate fixings. There is no in-place hanging system
  • locking the premises at night
  • removing any raw plugs prior to departure
  • returning the gallery walls to white (if they have been painted any other colour during the exhibition)
  • Keeping the access passageway to the toilet unobstructed (the toilet is located via a hallway at the back of the gallery)

The gallery is responsible for:

  •  general cleaning, floors, windows etc
  • removal of re-cycling and rubbish
  • providing paint and filler


  • The gallery has insurance which covers fire and flood etc, and public liability.
  • We are not insured against shop lifting, or any damage to artwork or the gallery itself caused by the artist or the public.